The Australian Celtic Festival Camping

The Celtic Festival Camping Grounds

In Glen Innes on the first weekend in May every year

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Important Notice: Please Read

Please note camping accommodation at The Glen Innes Showground over the Celtic Festival does not include tickets to any festival events, which must be purchased separately either online or at the visitor information centre or at the box office front gate at the festival site upon entry

What We Offer

Camping & awesome festival dining

At our Showground, we strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for all campers attending the Celtic Festival. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends and family, we look forward to hosting you and contributing to an unforgettable Celtic experience in Glen Innes. Book your camping spot & your Night Dining now and get ready for a weekend filled with music, dance, and the vibrant spirit of the Celtic culture!


400 campers powered and unpowered Sites

Celtic Festival Camping week

Celtic Festival Camping week goes from Mon to Mon and campers can nominate and book a 1, 2,3 up to 7 night camping block.


Supported by 6 ammenities blocks and 2 dump points scattered around the Showground

Friday and Saturday night diners

The Tea Room Friday and Saturday night diners when guests are given the opportunity to witness two of the invited Celtic Festival entertainers to perform during the meal.


Refunds allowed up until NO less than 24 hours prior to check in date.


Before booking you must be prepared to arrive with FULL water tanks and for powered sites have a 30 mtr min length 15 amp power cord and a 30 mtr water hose.

Unnumbered powered and unpowered sites are scattered throughout the ground.

You may choose a powered or unpowered camp site using the zoned map below. Please use only the description in bold print to describe where you would like to be (if available), eg old pavilion, shearing complex, caged birds – this is only a description of the area for the parking stewards.

Decide now before you progress to booking, or allow the parking stewards to choose a site for you on arrival.


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Camping under the stars: Glen Innes Showgrounds

Greetings and a warm Celtic welcome to our enchanting Showground in the heart of Glen Innes! Here, amidst the rolling hills and under the watchful gaze of the iconic Australian Standing Stones, we invite you to join us in celebrating the magic of the annual Celtic Festival and stay with us at Camping grounds.

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Camping Highlights:

Our Showground can accommodate over 400 campers during the Celtic Festival week. We offer both powered and unpowered sites, ensuring that your camping experience is tailored to your preferences. With 6 amenities blocks and 2 dump points strategically scattered around the Showground, your convenience and comfort are our top priorities. The Celtic Festival Camping week spans from Monday to Monday, allowing campers to choose a 1, 2, 3, or up to 7-night camping block. We understand that flexibility is key to meeting the diverse needs of our visitors.

Ideal Location:

Our Showground is strategically positioned to enhance your overall Celtic Festival experience. Nestled under the iconic Australian Standing Stones, our Showground provides easy access for festival-goers. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or catching a bus from Bourke St, you’re just moments away from the heart of the festivities. We are conveniently located just 1 block from the Information Centre and 2 blocks from the Central Business District (CBD) and the Services Club. This proximity ensures that you have easy access to essential services and can explore the local offerings without any hassle.

At the Heart of the Festival: Glen Innes Showgrounds

As the cherished heart of the Australian Celtic Festival, Glen Innes Showgrounds becomes a tapestry of captivating events that embody the very spirit of the celebration. Among the numerous enchanting experiences, the Tea Room stands out as a beloved haven, drawing both visiting campers and locals into its welcoming embrace. Here, within the festively adorned walls, a spellbinding magic unfolds on Friday and Saturday nights, creating a sensory symphony that resonates with all who gather.

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The moment you step into the Tea Room, you’re met with the tantalizing aromas that waft through the air, teasing your senses with the promise of culinary delights. The succulent lamb and beef, meticulously sourced from our highland country, take centre stage, their flavours telling a story of local tradition and pride. The ingredients are transformed into a two-course Celtic meal that marries authenticity with a modern culinary twist, creating a symphony of taste that pays homage to the rich Celtic heritage.

But the experience goes beyond the palate. As you savour each bite, you’re serenaded by the lilting and evocative tunes performed by visiting artists. These melodies, steeped in Celtic tradition, find a home in the hearts of those gathered at the Tea Room. The room resonates with the shared joy and camaraderie, with laughter and applause punctuating the music. As the night unfolds, the boundaries between locals and visitors blur, and you become part of a fellowship that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.